Ven.Lat. srl is a company which deals in the marketing of milk and its deratives, and was founded on 16/11/2000, with its administrative office in Vicenza in Via Monte Cengio 32 and its business headquarters at Fontane di Villorba (TV) in V.lo Mazzini 2/4 and whose single associate is A.Pro.La.V. - Associazione Regionale Produttori Latte del Veneto.
Ven.Lat. srl, being a 'Primo Acquirente Latte Riconosciuto' (Recognised First Purchaser of Milk), also undertakes the commercialisation of milk and of typical and DOP dairy and cheese products, as well as acting as a consultant for the Administrative Management of duties described in Law 119/03 for milk purchasers (consultancy, Sian data insertion, etc.) and for milk producers (consultancy, contractual previsions, milk quotas, etc.).
Furthermore Ven.Lat. srl is currently working with A.Pro.La.V. in the area of promotion of quality products, providing support to commercialisation, and bringing its projectual and management abilities regarding the implementation of initiatives foreseen by Regional, State and European programs.
Among its other activities, Ven.Lat. srl has been directly involved in the promotion and marketing of typical Veneto cheeses, which it identifies in private cheese-making companies and cooperatives, and in the artisan businesses in the regional territory, working to identify potential new market opportunities for small local producers.

its role in the project

The credibility enjoyed by Ven.Lat. srl throughout the territory allows it to manage and coordinate its contacts with the producers, organize production flows and the delivery of products according to market demand. In fact, from a production point of view, Ven.Lat. srl has the fundamental task of selecting partners in the area of “production” and the products to be made, according to the essential principle of the use of milk from the region of Veneto.
While doing this, it always maintains a close working relationship with the Centro Veneto Formaggi which in its role as a logistic and commercial reference point gathers information about the market and its demands.