the territory

Sharp peaks, green valleys, fertile plains, hillside vineyards, navigable rivers and gushing torrents, gently lapping lakes and sandy coasts, cities of art and enchanting hamlets: these are the ingredients which give the Veneto region its wealth of shades and contrasts, offering naturalistic, historical and architectural inspiration to any visitor who chooses to come here.
The Veneto is also known as a hard-working region with important industrial development, where businesses focus on research at the cutting-edge of technology and innovation.
These two aspects would seem to be contrasting. However, the Veneto and its people have managed to combine their deep territorial links and strong historical and cultural roots with their entrepreneurial drive, especially apparent in the development of local identities, such as Made in Italy and Made in Veneto.
Regional cuisine mirrors this double identity, expertly blending the flavours of local products with research and innovation, and the dairy industry fully expresses this tendency.
This is the reason that in addition to dairy companies destined to produce a new generation of standardized and uniform products, aimed at a generic consumer, a groupof companies which dedicate themselves to traditional dairy production, often exclusively local, but in full respect of food safety regulations and at the same time safeguarding the local area, remains strong, and of great relevance.


the cheeses

In addition to the eight PDO Cheeses (Asiago, Casatella Trevigiana, Grana Padano, Montasio, Monte Veronese, Piave, Provolone Valpadana, Taleggio) which are already well-known both at national and international levels, Veneto boasts a wealth of traditional cheeses, produced by small dairy companies at local level, who strive to achievehigh quality and maintain the traditional nature of their products.
In these companies the milk used comes mainly from farms in the surrounding area. In this way a close bond is created between the local microclimate, the diet of the animals, the characteristics of the raw ingredient and the recipe, which is often handed down from generation to generation of dairy farmers, creating a unique connection between the territory and its cheeses.
Each typical Veneto cheese has a sensorial story to tell… all you need to do is know how to appreciate it.