It is an integrated production network whose objective is the commercialisation of cheeses exclusively produced in dairy farms located in the Veneto Region using milk from Veneto farms.

Veneto 100%


It is the first production network to receive certification of origin in the dairy and cheese sector in Italy.

the difference

It is a network whose members have different roles, all aiming to offer quality and excellence, each of whom is indispensable to the functioning of the group as a whole: the milk producers, cheese makers, and the service suppliers, Ven.Lat. Srl and Centro Veneto Formaggi.

its value to the dairy and cheese making industries

Promotes the value of the raw material from the region
Promotes the value of cheese production based in the region

its value for GDO

Guarantees product origin and authenticity of ingredients thereby protecting the consumer
Accesses a range of selected and certified products through a single agent who is an integral part of the group and whose role is not only