the project

The idea of the Frutti di un Territorio (Fruits of a Territory) project owes itself to the farsightedness of two companies, Ven.Lat. srl and Centro Veneto Formaggi srl, who, while operating in the cheese/dairy sector, in the areas of production/transformation and commercialisation/distribution respectively, realised that it was a difficult moment for the industry and recognised the need to create a partnership in order to deal with market developments more effectively. Following a discussion forum which the two decided to hold, the Frutti di un Territorio project was created with the aim of promoting a specific segment of cheese production, which uses artisan methods closely linked to tradition, through the qualified selection of products and producers and an integrated commercialisation towards largescale retail via a single agent. In order to give the project an immediate identity, and make it recognisable in its mission and its main characteristic, integration between all members of its network towards shared growth, the symbol of a tree was chosen. The reason for this is that various interpretations can be made:

Through its lush foliage, the tree draws its energy from photosynthesis, in order to grow, become stronger and spread its roots further into the ground, so through a correct distribution and promotion of local products the whole network can benefit and this facilitates market consolidation and economic growth for small local producers and their milk suppliers.

The many roots of a tree, which represent the partners in the project, come together in a single trunk which supports and markets local products, promoting and creating new commercial opportunities through its various branches.

Cheeses as we know them really are the Frutti di un Territorio, starting with their main ingredient, local milk, not to mention their recipes, production techniques and the location of their transformation which have their roots in history and the local traditions from which give them the nourishment they need to create products of undisputed quality, originality and significant organoleptic value.

the network

The project Frutti di un Territorio has been realised by creating a network which consists of:
Small/medium cheese -making companies, with their operational base in the Region of Veneto, with most of their milk suppliers within the regional territory, specialising in traditional artisan production.
Ven.Lat. srl which selects the cheese-making companies and the products which are of interest to the group, and coordinates integrated logistics at local level.
Centro Veneto Formaggi srl, which manages storage and distribution of the products, and takes care of packaging and customer relations.In this phase the Frutti di un Territorio project is taking shape and creating an image for itself using pelure, packaging created ad hoc, the creation of a website and a product catalogue.
From this moment on the project Frutti di un Territorio can be presented to clients, and has so far met with much interest among businesses and significant success.