Monte Veronese DOP


This delicious cheese hails from the northern part of the province of Verona, between Monti Lessini and Monte Baldo and has a wide variety of flavours thanks to the three varieties in which it is produced.  Certainly of ancient origin, it was known as “Caseus macaegus” or “Caseus oculos” according to the type of production used. The name “Monte” is probably a reference to the production technique in which milk from more than one milking was rennetled; the Cimbrian populations were particularly skilled in this production technique.

Monte Veronese Latte intero (whole milk) is a cheese with a semi-cooked dough, produced exclusively with whole milk and its maturation varies from 25 to 60 days.
Monte Veronese d’Allevo Mezzano is also a cheese with a semi-cooked dough but is produced exclusively with semi-skilled cows’ milk, and its maturation varies from 3 to 6 months.
Monte Veronese d’Allevo Vecchio (Mature) can be described as such after it has matured for about one year.


Table cheese with semi-cooked dough produced using whole or semi-skimmed (in the case of Allevo) cows’ milk as described in the Disciplinare di Produzione del Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Monte Veronese regulations.

Cow’s milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes.
Treated on the rind surface with E235 (pimaricine).
Non edible rind.

White or straw yellow dough, compact with more or less (for whole milk variety) widespread irregular holes, compact dough and tiny holes in the Allevo variety.  Thin more or less intense straw yellow rind.  

Milky flavour, delicate and pleasant in the whole milk variety, with a stronger more pronounced flavour in the Allevo mezzano (medium maturation) and slightly spicy in the Allevo vecchio (mature) variety.

Minimum 25 days for whole milk variety; minimum 3 months for Allevo.

Physical characteristics
Cylindrical form with diameter of 25 to 35cm, flat or almost flat faces and straight or slightly convex side.  Height from 7 to 11cm and weight from 7 to 10kg for the whole milk variety;  slightly smaller dimensions for Allevo.

Specifications and nutritional information
Water content
35% approx for whole milk
30% approx for Allevo

Fat content total
30% approx for whole milk   
35% minimum for Allevo

Fat content dry
44% approx for whole milk
35% minimum for Allevo

22% approx for whole milk
25% approx for Allevo

Calorie content
370 Kcal for whole milk
80 Kcal for Allevo

Microbiological analysis
Staphylococcus aureus <1,000 ufc/g
Escherichia Coli <1,000 ufc/g
Lysteria Monocytogenes Absent in 25 g
Salmonella PP Absent in 25 g

Conservation and storage
Store in a cool dry place.

Transport temperature
Must be transported at a temperature between +4° and +12° C.

Whole milk
Loose forms: four layers of seven forms. 
Boxed: seven layers of six forms.

Loose forms: six layers of seven forms.
Boxed: seven layers of six forms.

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