Gran Riserva


Since ancient times the master dairymen of Veneto’s Pedemontana hills have produced two main types of product:  a cheese which is ready to eat after a short maturation period, of less than 60 days, and an Allevo cheese, which has to be matured, tended over time and in fact allevato (nurtured). In the past the most common type was the mature cheese, which was more richly flavoured and harder, nowadays however consumers tend to prefer the soft sweet tastes which prevail among younger cheeses. Gran riserva belongs to the second category: a cheese to be consumed young which is one of the family of “pressati” or pressed cheeses, due to the procedure used in the past of it being pressed with a stone in order to drain off the whey.

It is in fact an exclusive product to which we dedicate special care as it is created using entirely traditional techniques and due to the whole milk which is used which comes exclusively from Brown and Holsten cuttle (also known as Friesians), which guarantee a fragrant milk, rich in fat and protein. The dough is soft with irregular holes, white or slightly yellow, the taste is sweet, soft and delicate which makes it delicious alone or as an ingredient in cooking. The form is tall, rounded, and on request can be made in 30 or 100kg sizes.

A unique delicacy in its simplicity, it can be defined as “milk... in a form”.


Table cheese produced with cow’s milk, semi-cooked dough.

Milk, salt, rennet, milk enzymes.  Non edible rind.

White or slightly straw yellow dough, compact when cut, marked irregular holes, smooth, thin, elastic rind.

Sweet, pleasant flavour.

Maturation is complete in 25 to 45 days but may be extended.

Physical characteristics
Round form with 30 to 35 cm diameter, flat or almost flat faces and straight or slightly convex sides with height of 9 to 14 cm.  Weight between 13 and 15 kg.  On request can also be produced in forms of 35 and 100 kg.

Specifications and nutritional information
Water content 40% approx
Fat content total   30% approx
Fat content dry 50% approx
Protein 24% approx
Calorie content 370 Kcal

Microbiological analysis
Staphylococcus aureus <1,000 ufc/g
Escherichia Coli <1,000 ufc/g
Salmonella PP absent in 25 g
Lysteria monocytogenes absent in 25 g

Conservation and storage
Store in a dry cool place.

Transport temperature
Must be transported at a temperature between +4° and +12° C.

Loose forms: three layers of six forms.
Boxed: six layers of six boxes.

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