Un-pasteurised milk is an almost complete food.  It contains in various quantities anti-microbial proteins, important anti-infective agents, highly nutritious whey proteins and essential enzymes whose contribution to health has not yet been fully understood. In cheese made from raw (un-pasteurised) milk, fermentation develops from the original bacterial flora consumed by the animal in the pastures and present in its milk. Through the bacterial flora - and production techniques - a unique and incomparable cheese is obtained.

The production of cheese from raw milk is the only way to endow the final product with the qualities of its region of origin and also the only way to conserve the remarkable exquisiteness of traditional cheeses. Cheese making using raw milk requires greater care, but it allows for the production of cheeses with a natural microbial wealth which gives them rich flavours and aromas. 
These special flavours and aromas are undoubtedly a characteristic of Brigo.

Brigo is a cheese made from raw whole milk, from two separate milkings, from the hills around Conegliano, produced all year round whose maturation takes between 45 and 60 days. Its flavour is sweet and becomes fuller with maturation, its aroma is slightly milky and aromatic, it is a speciality which brings a taste of nature with every morsel.


Table cheese produced from raw (un-pasteurised) cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk, salt, rennet.  Non edible rind.

White to light yellow dough, smooth and compact with scattering of medium holes in a bird’s eye pattern.  Soft thin light yellow rind.

Initially sweet flavour which becomes fuller and tastier with complete maturation.  Pleasant aroma, milky and aromatic with notes of herbs and flowers.

Maturation takes between 45 and 120 days.

Physical characteristics
Cylindrical form with flat or slightly convex faces of 28 to 30 cm diameter, variable height of 6 to 7 cm.  Weight between 5 and 6 kg.

Specifications and nutritional information
Water content 37% approx
Fat content total.   33% approx
Fat content dry 53% approx
Protein 24% approx
Calorie content 380 Kcal

Microbiological analysis
Staphylococcus aureus <10,000 ufc/g
Escherichia Coli <10,000 ufc/g
Salmonella PP absent in 25g
Lysteria monocytogenes absent in 25 g

Conservation and storage
Store in a cool dry place.

Transport temperature
Must be transported at a temperature between +4° and +12° C.

Loose forms: three layers of six forms. 
Boxed: seven layers of six boxes.

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