Centro Veneto Formaggi

Centro Veneto Formaggi srl is a company which benefits from the long experience of its staff in the dairy/cheese-making sector and it has always found great favour with the organised retail industry. A passion for the cheese-making sector, the pleasure of instilling enduring and beneficial relationships with clients and the conviction that products exist which merit more attention that they have so far been able to receive, were the commercial starting point for the development of the project Frutti di un Territorio.
Within this production chain CVF (Centro Veneto Formaggi) acts not only as a seller and refiner, an entity which is able to find, recognise and promote producers who would otherwise not get beyond a strictly local market, in order to offer everyone, starting from Major Retail and Organised Distribution, products with "something extra". Something which stems from competence, experience, passion for their work, optimal raw ingredients, and nothing else, as the company motto says: the cheeses we present are non other than "milk... in a form!"

its role in the project

Centro Veneto Formaggi srl gathers, stores and matures the most distinctive and traditional cheeses in Veneto, which it selects in partnership with Ven.Lat. srl, so as to be able to provide the GD and DO with a single agent able to take care not only of presentation and promotion of these products to businesses in the sector but also a complete management of logistics.
This allows the "fruits" of the Veneto territory to become increasingly established on the shelves of major retail outlets and so win the deserved appreciation of consumers.


Logistic operations of Centro Veneto Formaggi can be described in three distinct phases:
support, together with Ven.Lat, given to production in the associated cheese-making companies through indications as to quantities required in the short and long term and the management of any surplus stock;
storage and maturation of distinctive cheeses, both directly and via certified service suppliers;
supply and punctual distribution of cheeses to the DO and GDO operators.

In order to meet the growing logistical requirements the new logistics department of the Centro Veneto Formaggi has been created, aiming at greater efficiency and in particular maintaining a close relationship with the Territory.


In the last phase of logistical management great importance is given to the presentation of the products. The cheeses, as well as being qualitatively valid, have to look appealing and recognisable when they arrive in the retail warehouses just as they do on the deli counter. This is why such great care is taken in the choice and management of the pelure, wrapping and packaging, which in addition to allowing an optimal conservation of the product, publicise and emphasise the logo and image of the Frutti di un Territorio project so as to make it more and more recognisable to the customer.
Fundamental to this task is the chance, which is also foreseen in the certification procedures, for the cheese selling outlets, in accordance with an agreement on correct use, the application on packs of Take-Away cheeses of special stickers featuring the tree symbol of Frutti di un Territorio. In this way the consumer is given an immediate and above all easily recognisable guarantee of provenance and distribution, an extra feature which enhances customer loyalty.